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Home additions and renovations.

Sometimes it is necessary to do a total renovation, whether it is due to the structure being in such disrepair or does not fit the homeowner’s lifestyle. A complete house renovation creates a new home, relinquishing the need to relocate. We have completed numerous total home renovations, here are a few:

before picture of small ranchpicture of renovated home
Before on left - after on right.

before picture of new home to be renovatedpicture of same home after renovations
Before on left -- porch addition and garage on right.

The goals of the home addition and renovation projects are:

  1. To take advantage of the surrounding views.
  2. Increase home living space.
  3. To design the home to be as architecturally pleasing with the setting and provide the character that was lacking.

picture of ranch home before renovations or rebuildafter picture of large new home
1950's Ranch in before picture on left -- after picture on right.

New room addition
Above are two homes with new room additions.

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